Beer to drink right now: Sixpoint Brewery 3 Beans

3 Beans

Sixpoint Brewery. All photos by Broderick Smylie


Brooklyn is having a moment right now. I’m sure that people are still putting a bird on it over on the West Coast, but everything from beer to mayonnaise to chocolate is proudly carrying the Made in Brooklyn stamp. I’m sure there are fascinating products being made in Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx but they haven’t clearly haven’t made as much noise as the folks from Kings County.

In the last few years I’ve switched from wine to craft beer as my beverage of choice when going out to eat. It’s not that I don’t love wine, I certainly do. A gift of white Burgundy will certainly be accepted on special occasions. However, it’s insanely overpriced on restaurant menus and much of it isn’t that good. Restaurants & bars have definitely had a love affair with craft beer lately and although some inflated prices exist, not clearly as much as wine.

3 Beans-2


Sixpoint has recently been on an expansion kick out of their native state and has made a splash down south, with many hopheads loving the Resin. After trying a bit of their 3 Beans, it’s easily my favorite of their portfolio. Cacao and coffee are two of my favorite things and they both find a home in this brew. The beer packs an alcoholic kick at 10% ABV but is unbelievably smooth. This one may be a bit harder to find than the rest in their crew, so if you see it on a list, definitely give it a try.

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