Easing into the week

Porkman's Table | Sartorial Exposure

The temperatures are finally seeing a bit of a cool down and I had an enjoyable weekend. I did a bit of window shopping and checked out a supper club here that served as a perfect endcap to my Sunday. A preview post is up over at Savory Exposure. The dinner offered cocktail pairings and I hope to have the simple bourbon cocktail below featured in a future post.

Porkman's Table | Sartorial Exposure

My friend Duane (happy anniversary, D & J!) has blogged about music for  years and while stalking his Spotify feed I discovered a new trio from England, London Grammar which set the mood for an almost-autumnal Sunday morning. They’re an indie pop group that just released their debut album last week on Metal and Dust recordings. I think that you’ll find it a soothing start to the week. Check out the album on Spotify and their latest video Strong below.


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