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A high school trip many moons ago to countries throughout Europe and Israel stoked a love for travel that carries through to this day. A visit to the Czech Republic included a long hike from the hotel up to Prague Castle, and as teenagers often do, I whined and complained a bit on the way to the top. I was rewarded with beautiful views throughout the city that I think about often when getting lost in a new place.


All still photographs by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, Creative Commons




While surfing the web I found this fantastic video taken on the streets of, not Prague, but the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. If you can pronounce it, you definitely get bonus points in my book. In addition to shots from the ground, with help from Helivideo, they’ve got fantastic aerial shots that take you throughout the city during the golden hour. I’m not a skater, but as a runner I love taking in a new city from the asphalt, and definitely get a different feel for a place when I’m in my zone and I’m not traveling via automobile or taking a casual stroll. Andro Kajzer did a fantastic job filming, editing and directing the video embedded below. I might have to add Slovenia to my bucket list.

Bridges and Dragons from Andro Kajzer on Vimeo.



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