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For a bit of European feel without leaving the continent, Montreal is a great place to escape. Knowledge of the French language may give you a leg up but the city is beautifully bilingual with historical touches, to modern flair that you see above at Montreal’s convention center. It’s rare that a city puts so much color and architectural wonder in a place that can commonly feature grey interiors and horrible lighting. I definitely had my fill of French food, Montreal bagels, poutine and delicious beer.


Old Montréal | Sartorial Exposure


Montreal | Sartorial Exposure


A brand that I admire, Naked and Famous Denim calls Montreal home. Not content with just designing their clothes, they make them in a factory in Quebec’s capital city. They like to shake things up, they make the world’s heaviest denim (32 oz) and even have scratch and sniff varieties that they claim will last for five watches. I don’t yet have a pair of their jeans, but I was able to pick up a chambray button up not long ago that I love.

Neon Films out of Toronto put out a great video showcasing what Naked and Famous is all about. Let me know what you think! All travel images by Broderick Smylie. Video by Neon.




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