Sid Mashburn + Rick Owens at Paris Fashion Week



Hello all! I want to first, thank everyone who has been heading to the blog and spreading the word. We’re just over a month old and have completely exceeded my expectations as far as the amount of visitors checking out the site. I’ll be shooting plenty of features for the site for the next two weeks here and in Virginia. Stay tuned!

Alton Brown’s a stylish guy mostly known for his scientific take on food and his shows on the Food Network. I saw him often around Star Provisions on the westside when his studio was nearby, and the complex also houses one of Atlanta’s excellent haberdasheries with its own label, Sid Mashburn.

In Alton’s popular podcast, he switches gears and offers up fashion as the main course on his Alton Browncast. Give it a listen here.

Another video that has been making the rounds is American turned European designer Rick Owens’ runway show at Paris Fashion Week. He’s replaced the typical models with members of different stepping troupes imported from the states just for the show. It’s a very different show with scowls, attitude and a different take on beauty than is commonplace in fashion. Check out the video below, thanks to Vogue. Photo courtesy Sid Mashburn.




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