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San Francisco street car | Sartorial Exposure


San Francisco has always been one of my favorite places to visit on vacation. While drenched in humidity throughout the summer, my friend Lauren cheerfully goes about her day in fall-like weather year round. When it comes to traveling, she also can pack in two weeks full of clothes in one carry-on, impressive.

San Francisco neon | Sartorial Exposure


San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers Market | Sartorial Exposure


Another one of my friends Jeph posted an interesting blog post that documented 25 things a potential transplant should know about the city prior to moving there. It’s obviously one thing to visit and fall in love with the city and another to have to work day to day and make a living. Many were items I’ve experienced first time (cold weather, 10am football start times!) and a few new to me (high income taxes, Divisadero as a fog line).

San Francisco | Sartorial Exposure

San Francisco Ferry Plaza | Sartorial Exposure

The one thing that intrigued me most however was an embedded YouTube video showing different angles with beautiful views around the city. I’ve been to Twin Peaks, and taken the ferry to Alcatraz, and experienced the views of the city from Marin County – but there apparently plenty of vantage points that I’ve bookmarked for my next trip. I hope that you enjoy this trip around SF as much as I did.

All still photography by myself, Broderick Smylie.


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